You know the word crazy is don't you? I think that craziness is a disease of the mind that drives you further and further from sanity. 


I was working on a experiment to see how long someone can last before going insane. Some scientist brought 3 test subjects to conduct the experiment on. I gave each of the subjects a shot that will slowly drive them insane. The goal was that they had to last 3 days before going insane.

On the first day everything went fine. But when the day was close to ending the first subject started to claw off his flesh. Me and three other scientists had to strap him down but unfortunately one of the scientists was killed during the process. The test subject spirited towards the scientist knocking him down, the test subject then pinned the scientist down and started to eat his flesh.

On the second day one of the test subject started to bang his head against the wall which shattered his skull causing a brain injury which ended his life.

On the last day the last test subject escaped her cell and murdered all the other scientists. I had no choice but to seal off all the exits to prevent her from escaping. I was trapped in my office while she pounded and clawed the door and demanding to open the door, I stayed there waiting for help to arrive but they never came so I stayed waiting and slowly driving insane.